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Japanese Bungalow Design - Bessou Brazil
At the moment we are very busy finalising the sketches and designs for our Japanese style "Bessou", "holiday house" range. The design is roughly based on our modular Japanese "Zenkei" country house. The units are 5 x 9 mtr. in size and contain 2 bedrooms, a toilet, shower and a small kitchen. The Brasil project consists of an "L" shaped building with 4 units on each wing and a central space for breakfast and dinner. The total size of the building will be around 27 x 27 mtr.

Because of the modular design of the "Bessou" it will be very easy to add additional units to the building or even build a structure with multiple corners in for example a "Z" shape. The "Bessou" design is ideal for recreational purposes in small or big recreation parks.


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