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Prefab modular Japanese Pavilion - Furi Damu
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The Japanese themed prefab modular Furi Damu pavilion is the second largest building of a range of exclusively designed and manufactured garden houses, pavilions and bungalows by Yokoso Japanese Gardens. The Furi Damu Pavilion (Japanese for freedom) is really making her name come true. Because of the more then generous interior space of 1390 x 760 cm, this pavilion is the right choice if you are looking for a Japanese style bungalow or guest house. On request, seperation walls can be added to divided the available space into separate sections, for instance to create a bedroom, shower room, toilet and kitchen. By means of a smart wall system, fixed walls and walls with sliding doors can easily be exchanged to your wishes, to compose the most optimal configuration.

Wellness solution
Of course the Japanese style Furi Damu pavilion can, equipped with a luxurious Jacuzzi, sauna or Japanese ofuro, be converted into the perfect wellness solution. The Furi Damu bungalow can be fitted with shojii style (Japanese latticework) sliding doors which can optionally be installed at each side of the pavilion. If you choose a Furi Damu bungalow with a double roof, there is also the option to replace the wooden skylights with double insulated glazing. This option will result in even more natural light.

Ancient Japanese design
Like the other prefab modular pavilions, garden houses and bungalows designed and built by Yokoso Japanese Gardens the Furi Damu pavilion is based on an ancient Japanese theme. By means of a so-called "engawa" (type of balcony) around the core of the building the available living space can be extended and boundaries between interior and exterior spaces will dissolve. The typical overhanging roof ensures you will stay dry while you enjoy your pavilion and garden even when strong summer rains hammer the roof. Should you deploy the Furi Damu pavilion as a workshop or studio it should be simply to determined the optimal configuration and placement of the building, ensuring you always have enough natural light to be able to work with pleasure. And of course the pavilion is a great joy between working hours. The Furi Damu pavilion is also perfectly usable as a multipurpose garden house with an Japanese touch. The options are endless, you are the director and anything goes. With the Furi Damu pavilion you are inviting a breeze of luxury and authentic Japanese atmosphere right into your life.

Built to order
Our Japanese style pavilions, garden houses and bungalows are be build to order in various wood types and configurations. In standard configuration, all of our pavilions, garden houses and bungalows are fitted with traditional Japanese style ceramic rooftiles. However, we can also fit the roof with modern roof tiles or wooden shingles. Obviously Yokoso Japanese Gardens only uses certified materials of the highest quality.


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